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RDSP-AC Audio Connector

For Top Quality voice recordings with RDSP Voice Platforms

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AS-4 Single Phone Line Simulator

The RESP-AC audio connector from Rhetorex gives developers and end users added flexibility in creating and editing recordings for RESP-based voice processing systems.

With RESP voice boards, users always have the option of connections via the telephone network for recording.  Recordings made in this manner are usually adequate for most voice processing uses.

When high-quality, "true-to-life" voice recordings are required, however, the RDSP-AC allows direct connection to 41xx and 94xx series RDSP voice platforms through a 15v pin connector.  Users maintain full control over the audio signal source, and attenuation and distortions are reduced to a minimum - giving "studio-quality" results for voice recordings.

Through standard RCA-type audio connections, the RDSP-AC allows developers or end-users to connect an audio source such as a microphone or tape deck.  Amplified speakers or headphones can be used to supervise the recording process.

In conjunction with the RESP-AC, the Rhetorex Visual Voice Editor (V-Edit) is used to control recording, playback, and graphic display of audio signals.

In addition to its uses for voice recordings, the RDSP0AC can be used to provide an input for a music on hold source and/or an output for public address type announcements through software.  The audio connector allows music or public address announcements to play out through an RESP voice board port.

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Input Connection:  RCA-type jack

Output Connector:  mini jack

Input Impedance: 10k - 24k ohms (depending on RDSP model used)

Input Current: 0.01 - 0.044 mA RMS (9432-D; 0.01 - 0.09 Ma RMS (9432 and 4108)

Input Power: 0.001 -2.5 mW (voltage >= 100 mV)

Output Impedance: 130 ohms

Output Current: 0.10 - 5.0 mA RMS

Output Power: 0.01 - 25 mW (voltage >= 100 mV)


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