Paint & Plastic Chemical Coupling Agents

Makes Formula Components Combine Better!

If you produce or mix Paints or Plastics this secrete you should learn about.  This potent coupling agent makes molecules come together better and produce better finish products.  Coupling agents are used in many branches of technology, and in the coatings industry, the
use of these materials has been established in niche markets for many years. You can research more on the web about it and but this surplus sample for yourself before committing to larger more expensive purchases.

Here is an example use:  The picture below shows a dispersion mixer producing a specialty paint in a 55 gallon drum.  This wipe off yet weather resistant marker paint would not have the properties it has without this agent bringing the formula molecules together which is the ultimate mix. 

This 50 gallon batch of product only requires 264 grams of KEN-REACT® QB 012 to change the whole chemical makeup to come together in ways it can not with out it.  50 gallons is over 4.5 million drops and 264 grams is under 8,000 drops or 5.28 grams/159 drops per gallon of KEN-REACT.  Powerful stuff!

Just 264 grams of Ken-React went into one whole drum of paint product. 

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Quat Blend (QB) Part Ratio. Designation. KR 238M. :LICA 38J :NZ 38J. QB 012. 0. : 1. : 2. QB 521

Ken-React QB-012 from Kenrich Petrochemicals which consists of a 1:2 by weight mixture of titanium IV (bis-2-propendatomethyl)-1-butanolato, bis (dioctyl) pyrophosphato-0, adduct 3 moles N,N-dimethylamino alkyl propenoamide and zirconium IV 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediolato, bis (dioctyl) prophosphato-0, adduct 2 moles N,N-dimethylamino alkyl propenoamide).