Ipex Xirtec 140 Schedule 80 PVC 6" / 150mm
15 Piece Lot Sale
2 x 20 ft Pipes and 13 x Misc Elbows and Flanges

Mfg Price $3,466.94

 Sale Price $995.00

Ipex USA LLC Price 2012 PDF Catalog


IPEX high-performance vinyl systems are designed to meet the
temperature, pressure and size requirements of piping systems used in
chemical processes and other industrial applications. They feature
outstanding resistance to photodegradation, creep stress and immunity
to oxidation, and are exceptionally suited for use with a wide range of
acids, alcohols, salts and halogens. The perfect extended service,
low maintenance alternative to common and exotic metal systems.

Unused Surplus Sale

What you see is what you get

List Prices to Right
2 Unions - $106.17 = 212.34
2 Flanges - $97.33 = 194.66
1 T & reducer - $214.38
7 elbows 90s - $127.48 ea = $892.36
1 elbow 45 - $153.20
2 pipes 20' - $900 ea = 1800.00

Lot Sale

Payment Forms: Wire Transfer, Cash, Cashiers Ck, Company Ck.    No Paypal or credit cards due to the costs of those payment forms.

Local Pick Up Available... Otherwise Shipping arrangements to be made after purchase payment is complete.  Add 50.00 load fee.

Freight charges to be calculated separately after sale as per buyers preferred carrier.

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