Gibo/Kodama Bench Height Task Chair Adjustable Arms & ESD option

Bench Style Task Chair - Black

Price: $375.00
  Gibo/Kodama Bench Height Task Chair - Right-Products.com
Seat height range approximately 22" to 29-1/2"
Gibo/Kodama Bench Height Task Chair - Right-Products.com Gibo/Kodama Bench Height Task Chair - Right-Products.com Gibo/Kodama Bench Height Task Chair - Right-Products.com Gibo/Kodama Bench Height Task Chair - Right-Products.com

Gibo/Kodama Respon Special Task Chair Arms & ESD option half cost

Normal Fortune 500 Company Chair at Budget Minded Price

This is a 650.00 Reg Dealer Price Chair - Selling 375.00 in like new condition.

See for yourself... Here is a normal dealer online price link: 649.56 Plus Tax, Plus shipping > http://www.stiusainc.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=E6436IJ-ESD&Category_Code=ESD-Chairs-Main&Store_Code=S&gclid=CNLK7-ygnrgCFWNgMgod6VEARg

This is your chance to get a 650.00+ Gibo/Kodama Special Task Chair with high grade options from casters to ESD for Electric Static Discharge for sensitive equipment use.

If you are not familiar with with top line chairs like this I can understand you not believing what I have to say so I will give you some links below and cut / pastes for you to do your own homework then come back to buy at a price you will not get from any of their dealers as this is a personal sale price.

About this Chair...

First this is a Fortune 500 company style chair which is the kind they buy for comfort, increased productivity, and reduction of costly tiredness, soreness, or health related issues associated with cheaper chairs of lesser quality. This means for you if you spend any lengthy periods of time in a work chair then you too can benefit from these important things.

This is a very attractive, heavy duty, custom made, ergonomically designed chair with special features and options.

The Respon Special Task Chair features an independent tilt control and a uniquely shaped back with easy height adjustment. This model is a standard in many local and national government facilities.

Bench Height Chair.
Independent Height control
Seat height range approximately 22" to 29-1/2"
Independent Seat Angle control
Independent Back Angle Tilt control adjustment, adjustable back.
Arms: Adjustable Up/Down, In/Out arms with Vinyl upholstered arm pads + $186.00 option

19"W x 18"D waterfall seat, 2-1/2" thick high resilient foam
19"W x 20"H mid-high back w/built-in lumbar, 2-1/2" thick high resilient foam (M)
28" diameter high polished 5-legged aluminum base
20" diameter adjustable footring.
Chrome hooded or #02 black hooded dual wheel casters Intensive Use Chair - Federal Standard ENEW-83-269E ESD option safe environment for sensitive equipment or products. ESD safe chairs for the Semiconductor and Electronics market to eliminate static damage to modules and components.

This chair makes a great...
Office Chair
Production Chair
Task Chair
Lab Chair
Bench Chair
Work Chair
or just a very comfortable chair to sit in and do what ever it is you want.

The Manufacture.

5555 McFadden Avenue
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(800) 888-ERGO
(714) 373-2346
Fax: (714) 897-7201

Gibo/Kodama chairs are established in the industry and are found in the facilities of Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Gibo/Kodama chairs are ergonomically designed for you to be productive and task-oriented.

Gibo/Kodama manufactures with quality, time-tested components to provide you with lasting production/office chairs that meet your particular needs.

Gibo/Kodama does not "mass produce" our products, but manufacture each chair to order. Sample chairs may be ordered for potential orders of 10 or more chairs.

At Gibo/Kodama Chairs, we design chairs for hours of productivity. From the shape of our seats to the density of our foam, from the ease of control adjustments to our ergonomically designed support system, we design fit and productivity into every chair. You'll find our chairs in production lines, biomedical labs, office environments, anywhere productivity is vital to a company's well being. Our technical seating, including ESD and Cleanroom chairs, is used by the top companies of our nation. And all of our products are proudly made here in the USA.

Gibo/Kodama chairs are ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural contours of your body and provide hours of comfort and support. We design and craft chairs that are adjustable in all the right places, allowing you to customize the chair to your unique frame and shape. Although our products are made with high quality components and precise craftsmanship, we believe you will also find them to be an outstanding value, providing comfort and support for years to come.

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