Heavy Oil 34' Vertical Fractionation Column Petroleum Cracking Tower

Sales Price $36,000

Actual Quoted New Construction Costs $259,359.42

Over 85% Savings Compared to New Construction Costs


Buy the Whole Plant as per all listing on this site for only $168.350

Turn Key System Constructed 2003

Location California, USA

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Details Item: C400

  • 66” ID / 26” ID Diameter by 34’2”’ Seam to Seam Vertical.

  • NB# 384 SN# 1695-1

  • 53psig @ 800 F

  • C.A. None

  • Shell SA 240 -316L

  • Heads SA-240-316L

  • Flanges SA 182-F316L

  • Pipe SA312-TP-316L

  • Fittings SA403-WP316L

  • 70% Joint Efficiency

Fractionation Tower Design Drawings: To view tower design drawing click picture.

Pickup & Shipping: This tower has special fittings for lifting and loading by crane. Seller will remove Platforms and Ladders for Buyer for Shipping.  Buyer is responsible to lift tower onto trailer for removal. Approximate weight is 8 to 9 tons. Clearance around tower will be available for removal.  All piping has been disconnected and the tower is ready to load.

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This Tower is a Normal Vertical Fractionation Column Petroleum Cracking Tower Separating bottoms, middle, top ends, and gas. Ready for use with your applications.

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Click Play to View Video of Cracking Tower


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This is a close up view of the CDF Plant Located in the Oil Fields of California > South BelRidge Oil Fields Map


Partial Summary of Sale Terms and Conditions below, for complete Terms and Conditions - Click Here.

·         Removal: Buyer assumes all responsibility of equipment removal and will supply their own crews and equipment for removal or pay local contractor to load equipment onto Buyers trailer. All removal crews must be licensed, bonded, and insured to perform equipment removal tasks and sign a hold harmless agreement to enter property before removal may begin.  All piping has been removed and equipment is ready to load out. All equipment must be out within two weeks of the sales date by March 15, 2010.
·         Sale Term: All items are being Sold "As Is - Where Is" with no warranties expressed or implied as to the condition, functionality, suitability for use of any item being sold.
·      To Purchase:  To place an offer to Buy any item Click the BUY IT icon by the Items Descriptions Price.  You will invoke a Pop Up window which will list the item for sale and the price.   Proceeding with the transaction does two things; (1).  It will remove the item from the sales block not allowing others to purchase this item during the complete payment cycle process and (2). It Obligates you to complete the transaction of forfeit your deposit as you have blocked other potential buyers from obtaining the item which may possibly lose the sale for the Seller should you default on completed payment during this limited time sensitive deadline liquidation sale.    The Pop Up window will lead you to PayPal where a 25% deposit price MUST BE paid at time of Purchase Request with the balance due within 96 hours upon acceptance of offer to purchase.  This MUST BE A FIRM SERIOUS OFFER TO PURCHASE backed up with payment for the balance by Certified Funds or Wire Transfer within 4 Business Days (96 hours) as this is a non-refundable deposit. 
·      Buyer Defaults:  Payment Default, Should the Buyer default by not paying the balance due within the allowable balance payment time period the deposit paid will be forfeited without refund or credit and the item will be placed back into the Sale Liquidation process for sale again.   Pick Up / Removal Default, should the Buyer complete all payment requirements yet fail to remove purchased property within the given time frame deadline of 03/15/2010 both the payment and the equipment paid for will be forfeited without refund or credit. 
·      Seller Default:  Seller Ivanhoe Holdings, Inc guarantees purchased items will be available for removal in accordance with removal requirements of the Buyer or in exception of acts of God, severe weather, earthquakes, natural disasters, strikes or other labor problems, wars, or governmental restrictions or any other cause restricting item availability will grant at it’s discretion either a time period extension for removal or refund.
·      Payment Balance: Any non-deposit payment due must be made within 4 Business Days (96 hours) of Accepted Offer to Purchase by Certified Funds or Wire Transfer to the address or wire transfer account supplied Buyer. 

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